About Us

Founded in 2004, our company is based on 300 individual dealers selling point Turkey, Istanbul sales office and We deliver all kinds of products related to the strong marketing team. Also included 22 For distributors, Tria brand products are also in demand abroad. Our company, which does not only see its products as a commercial commodity, is high quality, sensitive to human health and environment. manufactures products. It started production and sales in polycarbonate colors in 2010. Our company is in the design and R&D departments. has managed to add its own character to each product with its ergonomic and unique products. VISION Most preferred company in the industry sustainable way to maintain status in Turkey. Cardio according to the global level. The manufacturer targets these To design environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly production for the future of all humanity. Mission 1) To produce in accordance with international quality standards. 2) To be a fully automated facility using technology. 3) To always be the leader by producing the molds that he designed himself. 4) To provide quality workforce continuity by providing and developing human resources. 5) Completely environmentally friendly by using edible energy and recycling its waste, to make production suitable for human health.